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JerseysThe TSPL is an NCAA sanctioned league for the area's collegiate athletes as well as the top High School players. The TSPL is home to NBA players, current and past U of A players and players who are currently playing professionally worldwide - as well as some of the best local basketball talent the city of Tucson has to offer. This allows our fans to see former Wildcats alongside current U of A players as well as some of Arizona's top High School talent.

All players must have their league fee paid online no later than midnight Wednesday June 12th. Players on the reserve list will be called and added to the league beginning Thursday June 13th. New players and reserve list players are encouraged to come to the gym opening weekend to fill any spots available.

If you have any questions please contact Carl Graham @ (520) 982-3803 or carl@tucsonspl.com





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Patrick Phanthavong
Cameron Gause
Johnny Moore
Marcellus Baker
Mike Payne
Jatai Gonder
John Young
Jason Welter
Desi Bryant
Freddy Carter
Will Banks
Johnathan Simms
Richard Mallory
Jon Brogan
Adam Ford
Wendell Townsend
Roland JR
Mark Fresby
Corey Starks
Kelen Williams
John Wright
Jared Timmons
PJ Wilkins
Dustin Quinn
Adrian Gonzalez
Devonte Eason
Pat Murray
Justin Loyd
Jim Tofel
Michael Townsend
Nic Olm
Tevin Harris
Ramon Moreno
Chase Adams
Jason Adams
Gatod Galwak
Justin Chambers
Hannibal Davis
Mike Biancuzzo
Mark Simmons
Colt Frighetti
Tariq Williams
Jose Gonzalez
Chris Morando-Goode
Marcus Campbell
Phillip Wood
Zack Sherman
Bryce Burnett
Otese Johnson
Anthony Michaels

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Stephan Oropeza
Mike Walters
TJ Anderson
Brandon Miller
Kelvin Mackey
Avery Gipson
Alex Jacobsen
Anthony Alexander
Jesse Clemmit
Jason Timpf
Devonte Harkins
Chris Daniel
Sam Okougbo
Jean Kanyahiheto
Noah Stevens
Brian Hill
Billy Morrison
Larry Boyd
Earl Davis
Mo Wells
Donneil Perryman
Brandon Dickerson
Justin Daiber
Tory Williams
Richard Hammond
Quincy Gause
James Barnes
Quincy Gause
Carlos Mendez
Oscar Caballero
John Nelson
Kevin Broadie
Jamal Johnson
Mitch Smith
Harry Cirillo
Greg Richardson
Jason Spector
Randy Koch
Chris Ayer
Michael Smith
Nic McHenry
Donte Williams
Nate Burks
Aaron Budd
James Rashan
James Rashawn
Matthew Sprague
Reggie Phillips
Russel Droll
Dimitri Chonis




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