2013 TSPL for Kids

Sponsored by:
Watson Chevolet


Team: W -L
Pascua 7-1
East 4-4
North 4-4
South 3-5
West 2-6

East beat North twice head-to-head giving them the tiebreaker.

Carl Graham

Carl Graham -Dir. of Player Personnel
(520) 982-3803





North South East West West
North South East West Pascua Yaqui
Kevin Poe
Colin Dries
Yubitza Ayala
Devin Stubbifield
Mateo Daniels
Albert Payne
Marcus McCauley
Joshua Sutherland
Gabe Elias
Donovan Banks
Pablo Guittierez
Junior Wilson
Justin Brown
Brianna Bustamante
Peter Clemens
Elijah Williams
Mark Urias
Antonio Gonzalez
Jupree Jordan
Darian Scates
Alyssa Brown
Jaren Williams
Shamon Davis
Leon Hayes
Demari Harris
Tony Brown
Tomari Harris
Hunter Wilson
Clyde Richardson
JC Naveunxay
Tory Ramirez
Eric Echeverria
Tahmiere Jefferson
Trey Allen
Evan Nelson
Jordan McCumber
Tige Massengale
Malik Rainge
Benny Felix
Ernesto Ochoa
Justin Alvarez
Orion Ochoa
Jason Hernandez
Juan Esquivias
Julien Whetton
Danielle Ochoa
Michael Alvarez
Raymundo Baltazar
Joseph Escalante

Kids All-StarsWe would like to thank all the parents and kids for their participation. We are overwhelmed with the positive community response in our first season.

Lastly, we want to be clear that players who were not selected primarily had to do with age and size not skill level. In the future we may look to split into 2 divisions to better serve the size difference between 10 year olds and 12 and 13 year olds. Please bear with us as we continue to improve our youth league.

Parents please be advised that all players will be seated in our designated area in the gym immediately following their game. It will be your responsibility to present yourself to our staff at this area to pick up your child.




Schedule of Games:

June 15th
11:00 am - North vs South
12:00 pm - East  vs. West

June 16th
11:00 am - Pasqua  vs. South
12:00 pm - East  vs. North

June 22nd
12:00 am - West  vs. Pasqua 
1:00 pm - South  vs. North

June 23rd
12:00 am - East  vs. Pasqua 
1:00 pm - West  vs. North

June 29th
12:00 am - West  vs. East
1:00 pm - South  vs. Pasqua 

June 30th
12:00 am - Pasqua  vs. North
1:00 pm - East  vs. South

July 13th
12:00 am - South  vs. West
1:00 pm - Pasqua  vs. East

July 14th
12:00 am - North  vs. West
1:00 pm - South  vs. East

July 20th
12:00 am - North  vs. Pasqua 
1:00 pm - West  vs. South

July 21st
12:00 am - North  vs. East
1:00 pm - Pasqua  vs. West

July 28th
1:00 pm - Kids Championship: Pascua vs East


2013 League Policy

  • Players must at all times adhere to the standards of professional conduct and good sportsmanship.
  • The league will uphold a zero tolerance policy towards unacceptable behavior such as profanity, fighting, or flagrant and intentional fouls.
  • Players involved in these infractions will receive immediate and permanent ejection from the league.
  • Players, Coaches, and Referees will demonstrate mutual respect towards each other during league games.
  • Players must notify the league at least 2 days prior to being absent for their teams scheduled game.
  • After 2 unexcused absences a player can and will be dropped from his team’s roster and replaced with a player from the league’s reserve list.
  • Players and Coaches are strongly encouraged to be professional at all times and friendly with fans. Players are expected to sign autographs, conduct TV and radio interviews when requested.
  • All players are responsible for their uniform equipment and must see that it is returned for laundry service after each game.
  • Players must check in for their scheduled games by half time of the previous game. The league reserves the right to substitute players in cases of lateness or absence.






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